Firefighter clocks and military clocks

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We are busy trying to get our products online.

We started in business in 1977 manufacturing maltese cross clocks mounted on solid oak and walnut.  We are now branching out into more of a product mix.

We are still making the same quality clocks we always have made, but now will make many variations.  These will include the following:

Firefighter Clocks

EMT / EMS Clocks

Police Clocks

U. S. Military Clocks

Army Clocks

Navy Clocks

Air Force Clocks

Marine Corps Clocks / USMC Clocks

Coast Guard Clocks

Our newest military clocks and firefighter clocks have individual branch insignias rotary engraved into solid brass.  The files we created will have a 3 dimensional type of effect.  Each clock is set into a frame and can be personalized.

We only make quality clocks - perfect for any occasion as a gift, entering or retirement, promotion, years of service, meritorious duty and action awards.  We personalize everything we make to make them one of a kind.

Coming soon will also include our metal faced full 3 dimensional clocks and V carved metal clocks.

We utilize rotary engravers, laser engravers, and cnc routers for all of our personalized clocks which are all made in the U.S.A.

If you would like to contact us - please call us at 845-359-7806, email at , or fax us at 845-359-7886.


We will be also making other varieties of military gifts and firefighter gifts.